We help families replacing their synthetic products with natural solutions that are pure, powerful and free of all side effects.


Hello  my name is Annie Lachance and my love story with doTERRA begins in 2015 following health difficulties that prevented me from living an active social, professional and family life.

My satisfaction is knowing that families have what they need when the hassle arises!

I look forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge acquired in recent years!


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In pursuit of purity

I love to do EVERYTHING I do in a way that honors my DESIRE to do things the right way by helping people go further. 

How does it manifest for you? 

I find great satisfaction in helping you stay focused on your priorities and create a deep and authentic relationship to get you where you want to go. 

I use my strategic thinking to help you see the different options available. 

I save you time, money and energy with confidence by showing you step by step how to live a life with more vitality and free as much as possible from synthetic products.

Shall we go a long way together?

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