Here are a couple of FREE classes available online for you!

Do you want to know more about Essential Oils (EO's) but lack the time to travel or simply connect directly with us during our live workshops?  No worries! Online classes are there for you. 

Short and interactive, our classes are great for those for whom health is a priority and time management very precious!

Essential Oils 101

  • Top 10 Essential Oils
  • Six Oils that are Must Haves
  • Much More!
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  • Bugs Spiders
  • Rabbits
  • And More!
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Recipes for Grilling

Tips and recipes for grill cleaning
  • Grilling meat, vegetables, and kabobs,
  • Outdoor drinks
  • And much more!
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Sleep Study

  • Do you have a restful sleep?
  • Participate in the Study.
  • Receive a free trial kit!
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